Fire Assessment

Fire Assessment

A fire risk assessment allows you to identify potential hazards to get the best fire protection plan for you.

Fire safety is a major responsibility and is something that you need to ensure for your production or business facility.

Professional fire risk assessments allow you to identify potential fire hazards. Thereby can build plans to overcome the problem of ensuring the best fire safety for their units.

Ensuring fire safety is a top priority and our team of experts will conduct a thorough inspection of the fire protection equipment system at your facility, through which we will There are reviews as well as the most optimal plan for you to ensure absolute safety for fire prevention and fighting in accordance with the prescribed legal standards.

Let us help you reduce the pressure. Talk to us about potential fire hazards your facility may face. We will give you the most useful advice!

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Fire risk assessment: 3 simple steps to improved fire safety

Step 1

Our experts conduct an assessment of the potential fire risk at your facility. All risks of fire and explosion are recorded by us together with the draft of the most effective fire and explosion prevention plan.

Step 2

You will receive a complete written report on any of our fire risk and most feasible countermeasures.

Step 3

Equip or upgrade your existing fire protection equipment with our quality product range.

Headquartered in Da Nang City, HT-Fire is currently a reliable partner of more than 2000 customers across Vietnam.

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Honest and comprehensive fire risk assessment.

Make sure your facility is guaranteed the best in fire safety!

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