Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarm systems ensure high standards - Early warning is to reduce risks and damages

Each year, about 3,300 fires occur in facilities across the country of Vietnam. The simple fact is that if a fire alarm device is installed, most of these fires may have been prevented in time.

HT-Fire we specialize in supplying, installing and repairing a wide range of commercial fire alarm systems. Fire alarm systems are always designed to detect the first fire signs, raise alarms and make people aware.

Obviously, fire alarms can prove to be an essential investment and can make a difference both in terms of safety, property protection and health.

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Headquartered in Da Nang City, HT-Fire is currently a reliable partner of more than 2000 customers across Vietnam.

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Fire alarm systems:

This is a system consisting of sound transmitters (fire alarms) and alarm call points (fire alarm buttons) installed on a large scale throughout the building and warehouse. According to actual requirements, the number of alarms to install depends on the fire risks associated with buildings and warehouses.

Fire alarm panel:

Conventional fire alarm panels are designed and installed in many locations at the facility, which meet the aesthetic criteria, are easy to observe as well as create a friendly feeling for everyone. Of course, installing a fire alarm should be out of the reach of children.

Fire alarm in place:

A system that is automatically installed as a fire alarm or manually operated by a fire hazard detector. Automatic fire alarm or manual activation (manually by the detector) is a closed system, including alarm systems, signs and basic fire fighting equipment on the spot.

Fire alarm by hotline or via website:

Is the plan immediately after the fire alarm in place. This is the optimal plan for cases of fire that are difficult to control by on-site firefighters and require specialized forces and equipment. You can do it through the prefix 114 or through our website channel.

Service of maintenance of quick and effective fire alarm system:

HT-Fire specializes in providing maintenance services fire alarm systems quickly and efficiently. We have a team of technicians who have the expertise and skills to repair most fire alarm systems, even though we are not the original installation unit. All fire alarm devices are maintained according to the prescribed fire safety standards. Please contact us immediately when you need maintenance of fire alarms in the best way!

Stay ahead of fire risks with leading fire alarms.

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