Fire Blankets

Fire Blankets

Ensuring safety of property and life as well as helping to extinguish fires in space conditions that require the most maneuverability and promptness at the place where the fire starts.

Sometimes, depending on the situation and the specific circumstances at which the fire occurred, fire extinguishers are sometimes not the most practical way to put out the fire. Heat resistant blankets are easy fire protection equipment to help people easily access fires in such cases. It is the perfect fire protection device for use in home kitchens and larger commercial or industrial facilities.

Made from fireproof materials, heat-resistant blankets can be used to completely cover the fire as soon as it starts by cutting off the oxygen supply and extinguishing the fire.

Heat-resistant blankets are easy to use and convenient to store, and fire protection equipment should be equipped for any fire safety plan. So, why not consider them for you?

Heat-resistant blankets can be used to wrap around the person if the unfortunate fire spreads on clothing they are wearing. It is important to note that in serious situations like these, it takes a few seconds to make the difference between life and death. Therefore, it is important that everyone in your facility understands how to use available equipment.

We can provide fire safety training to support and retrofit your fire safety plans. Get in touch and we can advise you on the best way to proceed.

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Fire Blankets

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