Fire Protection

Fire Protection

HT-Fire specializes in providing high quality fire protection equipment. Specialize in consulting, evaluating and designing the best fire protection system for you.

HT-Fire provides solutions for:

- Quality fireproof products

- Training on fire risk assessment

- Professional advice on all aspects of fire safety

- Supply, installation, repair and maintenance of fire safety equipment, including fire extinguishers and fire alarms

Our comprehensive service will keep both you and your property long-term protected.

Phòng cháy chữa cháy

HT-Fire is an independent company, we specialize in providing fire protection products and services. All of our assessments are professional, your fire-related issues always have the safest options when trusting and cooperating with us.

HT-Fire comprehensive fire protection solution

Advice of HT-Fire

As an expert in fire safety, HT-Fire recommends that customers make sure that all signs, warning systems and fire protection equipment are properly fitted. and ensure the best quality standards. In addition, any repair, maintenance or upgrade of the unit's fire protection system must be performed in a professional manner and in accordance with the latest fire safety standards.

Customer support 24/7

Always make sure the fire alarm system operates 24/24. We understand that this is a mandatory requirement, so all your requests are always met by HT-Fire regardless of time. Please contact us as soon as you need assistance with the inspection, evaluation, maintenance and troubleshooting of your fire protection system. HT-Fire is always at your service.

The most perfect service

HT-Fire experts are well-trained, technical and experienced. We are confident and ready to provide you with high quality service in all aspects related to ensuring fire safety at your facility. With professional and honest working methods in all stages, from consulting, designing to installing fire protection equipment, HT-Fire is confident to make you completely satisfied.

Comply with the principles of fire safety

Ensuring fire prevention and safety is prescribed for all production and business establishments. Accordingly, you need to ensure to be fully equipped with fire protection equipment system at your facility. This is the principle and HT-Fire will advise and design you a plan to ensure the best and most appropriate fire safety. Please contact us to get the best plan to ensure fire safety in your production and business facility.

Headquartered in Da Nang City, HT-Fire is currently a reliable partner of more than 2000 customers across Vietnam.

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