HT FIRE fire fighting foam tank

500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000 liter fire fighting foam tanks are manufactured in Vietnam with the same quality and design as those imported from China or India.

How does a foam fire extinguisher work? Using the water pressure of the available fire fighting system from 6-12 kg, a part of the water is pushed into the tank to force the bag containing the 3% or 6% foam solution in the tank to the foam mixer. From the foam mixer that is mixed with the push water to the equipment of foam nozzles, open foam nozzles, 360 fixed nozzles, tank pressure ... to create foam. The foam formed by this method is called air-pressure foam created by water pressure.
         Principle: Using the available water pressure through this plumbing system, it is put into the foaming device and sprayed out of the head, combining water + foam solution + air at the foam output device to create foam.

The foam produced by this method has advantages over other foaming methods

- The foam is produced smooth, uniform bubbles. Therefore, the foam layer when fighting fires evenly covers the surface of the combustible substances. On the other hand, when the foam is destroyed in the fire area, water has the effect of reducing the concentration of components participating in the combustion reaction, absorbing the heat of the burning area.
- Taking advantage of water pressure and existing fire-fighting pipes, saving initial costs.
- Easy to add connection to the existing fire extinguishing system without having to replace many equipment pipes. 

HT-FIRE foam tank equipment included.

1. Tank cover
2. Water meter 10kg
3. Water supply valve
4. Foaming Flange
5. Foam outlet valve
6. Safety valve
7. Tank vent valve
8. Sanitary flanges
9. Lift hook
10. Check valve
11. Foam bag vent valve
12. Foam display unit
13. Tank base
14. Drain valve
15. Foam release valve
16. Foam mixer
17. Foam bar

Specifications of HT FIRE . foam tank

Operating pressure range 6~12kg
Design pressure 6~12 kg
Test pressure Endurance 12~15kg
Tightness 10~12kg
Tank capacity (L) 500~5000 liters
Size of scale (mm) DN100
Flow Rate (L/S) 300~1600
Mixing Ratio (L/S) 6.3%

How to pour foam solution into HT FIRE foam foam tank

1. Open the foam bag steam valve (11) water drain valve (14) tank vent valve (7)  close water supply valve (3)  close foam release valve (15)
2. Open the foam filler flange (4)  slowly fill the foam from the foam outlet with the foam pump.
3. Stop the water pump now and then to avoid the tank bursting. The foam should be of the same manufacturer and of the same type.
4. When the foam is filled, close the foam bag valve (11)  close the drain valve (14)  close the tank vent valve (7)  foam filler flange (4).
5. Open the drain valve (14) after 30 minutes, if there is no foam coming out from the drain pipe, the tank is not damaged.
How are foam tanks stored?
1. Fill the tank in time after each use (foam concentrate should be from the same manufacturer and the same type)
2. Periodically inspect the surface of the vessel and tank for leaks and corrosion and check all valves for proper operation. Throw them away if there are problems.
3. Check the foam concentrate regularly to see if it is damaged. Change if any.

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