Recharge fire extinguishers in Da Nang

HT-FIRE provides a great experience. Our technicians perform inspection and maintenance of fire extinguishers in Da Nang, Quang Nam, Quang Ngai approximately 1,000 locations annually throughout Vietnam, including all types of fire extinguishers based on legal requirements.

To learn more about our HT-FIRE fire and explosion extinguisher refill inspection and repair services, contact us online or call us on 0835313080.

HT-FIRE Fire Extinguisher Recharging Maintenance in Da Nang includes regularly inspecting and servicing your extinguishers to ensure they function correctly, reach their lifespan and comply with relevant Standards. of Vietnam.

Our HT-FIRE Maintenance Procedure:

Test fire extinguishers according to Vietnam Standards
Repair and replace equipment and components when required
Record all work done and issue test certificates
The latest price of maintenance service to charge fire extinguishers today in Da Nang.

To understand the price of fire extinguisher refill, customers need to distinguish what type of fire extinguisher? Here is the fastest way to distinguish the fire extinguisher even if you do not know the following foreign words:

Based on the valve on the top with a pressure gauge, it is a powder tank (BC, ABC) and if there is no gauge, then CO2 gas (liquid)
The symbol shown on the label of the tank for example: a fire extinguisher that says MFZ4, MFZL4... is a powder bottle, and MT3, MT5.. is a CO2 tank.
The shape of the bottle is the same size and height, but the weight of the bottle is heavier than the CO2 tank.
Product name Weight Unit price kg Total amount
Refill fire extinguisher powder MFZ4kg 4 15,000 vnd 60,000vnd
Refill fire extinguisher powder MFZ8kg
8 15,000 VND
Refill fire extinguisher powder MFZT35kg 35 15,000vnd 525,000vnd
Recharge CO2 fire extinguisher MT3kg 3 30,000vnd 90,000vnd
Fill CO2 fire extinguisher MT5kg
5 30,000vnd
Note: The price for charging fire extinguishers is in "KG" and an invoice is written "fire extinguishing powder 1kg 15,000vnd", "CO2 gas 1kg 30,000vnd"

Why check fire extinguisher refilling maintenance.

Because regular maintenance of fire extinguishers is essential. Do not use your fire extinguisher if it is significantly damaged in any way. In doing so, you could risk worsening the fire, as well as causing injury to yourself and others. If you have questions or concerns about your fire extinguisher, contact a professional like us.

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